Germany, 2014
HD, color
feature,ca. 90 Min.

With Sabine Guth, Claudius Freyer
Edited and Directed by: Ralf Stadler
Written by: Ralf Stadler
Camera: Horst Niemann
Sound: The Arctic Circle
Produced by Simone Stadler

Short Description:
Two actors. One evening. New Year`s Eve. And the well-known play about the onehundredth birthday and the Butler. In a train going back and forth from main station Kassel to Melsungen. The audience - partygoers, drunks and people on the fly. A job that decreases even the lowest ego. And then theres this long burning, well hidden, uncommunicated anger...Without any options to escape neither the audience nor themselves, the harmless sketch leads the two actors and their relationship more and more to a very private open-stage Apocalypse.

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