Sstill | Cigarette Break

Germany, 2005
16mm, black-white
Optical sound, mono
ca. 6 min.
Premiere: New York Film Festival 2005

Cast: Jana Thies as NATASHA, Frank Gutjahr as MAKAROW

Written & directed by Ralf Stadler
Director of photography: Raphael Wohlgemuth
Assistant director: Simone Haack
Make-up: Monika Michalik
Sound: Iris Janssen
Sound-design: Martin Lesniak
Special FX/CGI: Michael Hoffmann
Edited by: Ralf Stadler, Stefan Westerwelle
Producer: Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In a fictional war, on the ramp of a factory: a female worker meets with a black market salesman. He has a very strange book in his bag - it is supposed to give all the answers about mankindís wishes. CIGARETTE BREAK is a surreal sketch based on a play by the post-futuristic Russian author Daniil Charms (1906 -1942).

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